Report: WWE Eyeing Four Major Matches For WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania 37 Logo
Credit: WWE

In a recent tweet by WrestleVotes, they claimed that WWE are looking to have two major matches on each night of WrestleMania.

Last week it was announced that ‘Mania 37 will be held in Tampa, Florida and that it will be a two night event. With this decision WWE have decided they want both nights to have ‘major’ matches, meaning a whopping four in total!

WrestleVotes went on to mention a few names that have came up in discussion. John Cena & Goldberg are nearly locked in whereas The Undertaker is still TBD. The Rock was also mentioned but followed up by it being unlikely to happen.

The Undertaker (who had his ‘final farewell’ at 2020’s Survivor Series) is still TBD with a lot of people backstage thinking he’s done for good. However Undertaker mentioned during ‘Undertaker’s Last Ride’ on the WWE Network that whenever Vince McMahon asks he will be there.

As ever, it’s worth remembering that while WV has a solid batting average for accurate reports, these are all merely reports for the time being.

With the ‘Granddaddy Of Them All’ facing obstacles courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic as with last year’s event, it remains to be seen how the company approach the now-two-nighter.

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