Report: No More Talking About Raw Underground. Has WWE Cancelled The Spin Off?

WWE Raw Underground Logo
Credit: WWE

It appears that Raw Underground has been buried by WWE.

The Shane McMahon fronted continuing segment of Raw debuted in August to a mostly negative reaction. The format of the show was a Fight Club style WWE spin off set in a basement featuring a no-rope ring and an MMA style.

And dancing girls. How on earth did that not work?

Credit: WWE

The segment hasn’t been seen on screen in several weeks and according to Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter, the concept has been shelved for good.

Meltzer writes:

Raw Underground for right now is considered done. At first it was dropped because of the COVID breakout and fear the extras who are in the crowd may have been exposed so it was shut down for a few weeks. But almost everyone who was part of that breakup is now back. Then again most were back either this week or last and this week with the draft it wouldn’t have fit as easily. There was fear that bringing all those people, both the wrestlers and the people they used as the audience, to Raw tapings could start a spread to the Raw roster and the idea is to keep NXT talent away from Raw and Smackdown talent as much as possible.

It is fair to say that few will mourn the loss of Underground. Whilst a decent idea on paper, the execution lacked credibility or excitement.

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