Report: Rob Van Dam To Be Inducted In WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021?

Rob Van Dam

With only a few weeks to go until WrestleMania week, there are plenty of names doing the rounds to be joining the WWE Hall Of Fame.

With just Eric Bischoff and Molly Holly confirmed so far, there will no doubt be some quick-fire announcements soon.

However, there’s now a lot of speculation surrounding Rob Van Dam being inducted as part of the Class Of 2021.

Originally, there was a report from Fightful Select which had ‘The Whole F’n Show Slated’ to be inducted.

This has also seemingly since been confirmed in an interview by ECW legend Sabu on the NWC Show.

Hey, Rob Van Dam is getting into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, I think … I wasn’t supposed to say nothing, but you can tell people that.

Since his last appearance on WWE television was back in 2019 on a Reunion show, he would fit the bill for not competing in the company for a while despite his time with Impact Wrestling.

RVD certainly adds name value to the ceremony too, with Batista officially withdrawing until a future year.

We will keep you up to date with news if this becomes official, and plenty more as WrestleMania week approaches.

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