Report: Millie McKenzie Signs With WWE’s NXT UK Brand

Millie McKenzie
Credit: British Wrestling Pictures

WWE has been in full signing mode in the last few weeks. The likes of Eli Drake, MSK, Blake Christian, Taya Valkyrie and more have either been confirmed to sign, or rumoured at least, with NXT over the last few weeks.

Similarly, NXT UK has seen an influx of talent in recent weeks with Ben Carter, Lucky Kid, Rampage Brown Sha Samuels and most notably, Meiko Satomura joining the brand in 2021.

Now we can seemingly add another name to that list with Alex McCarthy at TalkSPORT reporting that Millie McKenzie has inked a permanent deal with the company.

According to the report, the Coventry grappler will see immediate action at the top of the card, with WWE seeing her as an immediate star of the brand.

McKenzie has been a regular star on the British scene in recent years and in fact, will be a big part of the return of Progress Wrestling when their first show in a year, ‘Chapter 104: Natural Progression’ airs on the WWE Network. On the show, she will face Mercedez Blaze.

McKenzie is no stranger to a WWE ring. She took part in the tournament to crown the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion. She lost to Jinny in the first round in August 2018.

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