Report: Matt Riddle To Exit NXT, Smackdown Debut Likely

Matt Riddle
Photo Credit: WWE

Is WWE’s Blue Brand about to beome their Bro Brand?

If reports from PWInsider are to be believed, then yes it is.

Matt Riddle is said to be ready to make the jump to Friday nights ‘imminently’.

According to ‘multiple sources’ plans have been afoot since around WrestleMania to move Riddle over.

At that time, he was in the midst of a well received NXT Tag Team Title run with his Bro-serweight partner, Pete Dunne.

Now that run is over and the titles have been dropped to Imperium thanks to the actions of Dunne’s surrogate partner Timothy Thatcher, the road is clear for Riddle to make the jump.

Credit: WWE

This Wednesday will see Riddle and Thatcher do battle inside a steel cage on NXT with none other than WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle as special referee.

It feels like a potentially very special combination and also an ideal end point for The Original Bro on the brand. Could we see the jump as early as this week?

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