Is Former World Champion Christian On The Verge of WWE In Ring Comeback?

Photo Credit: WWE

Never say never in the world of wrestling and a rumour doing the rounds tonight suggests that this old adage is about to come into play again.

According to the Twitter account Wrestlevotes, former World Heavyweight Champion Christian is on the verge of making an in ring comeback.

It was a matter of weeks ago that Christian confirmed that his previous injuries would not allow him to make the same sort of comeback as his former tag team partner, Edge.

Wrestlevotes has a strong record of breaking news and spoilers related to WWE so a tweet like this, whilst certainly not a cast iron confirmation, is certainly a license to get excited about what we might see on Raw tonight.

The above tweet is slightly cryptic but it’s the last line that gives the real hint. It’s a typo but presumably it is meant to say ‘Sometimes scars never heal,’ which is a lytic lifted directly from Christian’s theme music.

Christian last stepped into a WWE ring in March 2014 before retiring quietly soon after.

Following Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland’s return to action at the Royal Rumble in January, fans have clamoured for Captain Charisma to follow his lead. It seems like they may now get their wish.

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