‘Real’ Reason Bray Wyatt Lost His Mind Revealed – And It’s Sycho Sid’s Fault!

Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House
Credit: WWE

Sometimes you come across a tweet thread that is just too much fun not to share.

And when that tweet involves a polarising 1990s superstar tormenting one of WWE’s biggest current stars as a child, and a Rocketeer toy…Well, how can you not showcase it?

Ladies and gentlemen, we can now reveal the true* reason for Bray Wyatt’s slow descent into madness. And it’s all Sid Justice’s fault!

This particular tweet saw Wyatt take to Twitter to reveal an early 1990s encounter in a WCW locker room with Sid that clearly scarred the poor boy for life.

Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) is the son of former WWF and WCW stalwart Mike Rotunda (AKA Irwin R. Schyster and VK Wallstreet) would have been backstage with his dad when he fell foul of The Man Who Ruled The World.

We will let Wyatt take up the story….

So there we have it. All those superstars with their picture on the wall of the Firefly Funhouse…You now know who to blame. For it was Sid Justice and his hatred for loud Baby Bray and The Rocketeer that set The Fiend off on his path of psychotic destruction!

*We may have been a bit liberal with the ‘true’ label but it did make for a funny story!

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