Raw Results: Was Bobby Lashley Able To Defeat The Miz To Win The WWE Championship?

Bobby Lashley, MVP, John Morrison & The Miz

After winning the WWE Championship with the help of Bobby Lashley at WWE Elimination Chamber last week, The Miz was last night forced to defend his title against his abettor on Raw.

Despite attempting a myriad of sneaky tricks to wriggle away with his title, Lashley was able to pin Miz and claim his first world championship in WWE almost 16 years after his debut.

Credit: WWE

The match was, as one would imagine, the focal point of the entire episode. At the start of the night it was announced that the match would take place at the top of the first hour.

Long time WWE observers will have immediately smelled a rat as this is not a time slot that any major happenings would usually occur and as it transpires, that was the case. With Lashley in the ring, Miz feigned sickness backstage.

An irate challenger marched back to the locker room, physically threatening Miz to defend the title and it was soon confirmed by Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce that the match would take place, postponed by one hour.

When that time came, the bell rang and Miz immediately hopped out of the ring to take the count out loss and retain his title, leaving Lashley and his manager MVP furious.

Once again, McMahon and Pearce stepped in and made a rematch in the Raw main event with the proviso that if The Miz didn’t show up for the match, Lashley would take the title by forfeit.

When the match came around finally, McMahon surprised the champion by introducing Lashley’s Hurt Business stablemates, Elias, RETRIBUTION and others as lumberjacks to surround the ring and keep Miz contained inside.

With nowhere to run, despite Miz’s best efforts, the match finally began and Lashley made short work of the champion, dominating him and soon ending his eight day reign via submission with The Hurt Lock.

The new champion, who is doing the absolute best work of his veteran career right now, will presumably go on to WrestleMania with a likely main event WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre as the main event of one of the nights of the event on April 10th and 11th.

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