Randy Orton In Ugly Twitter Exchange With Top NXT Star

Randy Orton

Social media eh? It makes fools out of us all eventually.

Many a time have wrestling fans been’ treated’ to the sight of superstars airing their dirty laundry in public by embarking on spats with colleagues and superstars from rival promotions, available for the world to see.

Who could ever forget the exchange between Seth Rollins and Will Ospreay which ended, it’s fair to say, with the Brit totally ‘owning’ the now Monday Night Messiah.

Well following a very well received NXT Takeover: In Your House, it seems an unseemly little spat is brewing between Randy Orton and former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa.

Fresh off filming what will, we are told, must be called The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, Randy Orton took to Twitter for a little cheeky but pointed dig at his black and yellow brand colleagues.

OK, so clearly Orton was poking fun at the modern wrestler trope of a good leg slap that accompanies a super kick for one thing on a regular basis on the indie scene in particular.

While harmless enough, it’s the sort of passive aggressive challenge that invites a response. And a burn it got from Ciampa

For those keeping score, it does feel like Ciampa has taken the bait rather too hard here. The wrestling equivalent of someone taking an internet troll’s bait by responding with a long-winded comeback only for the troll to reply ‘PMSL’ or some similar treat.

So Ciampa defended his and his colleagues honour from Orton’s jibe. So that’s over, right?

You clearly don’t know Randy Orton….

Ouch. We’re getting personal here now. ‘Self appointed locker room leader’? ‘Training school’?

Randy…Don’t make me go fetch Uncle Paul!

To cap it all off, Orton’s wife Kim weighed in with a below the belt dig on Ciampa too.

Either this is a work or Orton has managed to pointlessly but simply rule up a peer, seemingly for no other reason than sport. This sort of social media needling is made to look like an art form by The Viper. Unless you’re working an angle, just don’t take the bait.

We wait with baited breath for Ciampa’s return volley.

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