Randy Orton: ‘I Worry About Tommaso Ciampa’

Randy Orton
Photo Credit: WWE

Randy Orton took part in a pre-Backlash conference call yesterday and had some interesting things to say about a whole variety of topics.

One topic that was on everyone’s mind was the Twitter spat earlier this week that Orton (And randomly, his wife), had with Tommaso Ciampa. Read the details of that here.

Orton was clear that his original issue with the NXT roster was not personal but strictly business. He wishes that the roster of the black and yellow brand would think more long term when it came to their work in the ring. He said:

“If you only get 3 or 4 years of a career with the WWE because you did a lot of careless and reckless moves, you have to look back and kick yourself in the ass and wish that you didn’t. Smarter, not harder. When it comes down to it, this is a business, we all need to make money. You can’t destroy your body and make no money doing it and then you end up working at McDonald’s because you never went to college and you destroyed your neck in the ring. There has to be a purpose and that purpose is getting paid. That’s my biggest concern for those guys in NXT. I would love to go down there and share a little bit of knowledge with them.”

He went on to express concern for Ciampa in particular with his style along his well known neck injuries:

“When you see so much of that back to back, you don’t get to invest in these matches because they’re just one thing after another. Although it’s highly physically impressive, and I wouldn’t be able to do that style, they’re going to have very short careers. I worry about Ciampa in particular because with all these big injuries he’s had, he needs to learn how to tell stories and slow it down and not think that the fans want to see him kill himself. You’re only as good as the last match you ever had.”

It also sounds like Orton would like the opportunity to work with Ciampa, maybe even mentor him:

“Yeah, whatever Vince tells me to do, I am going to do it. If it’s working with Tommaso Ciampa then I’d be all for it, I think he’s very talented and there’s a few things I can help him with. Mainly, to help him get a little more out of his career.  I know he’s been plagued with injuries, but I also know he loves and respects this business. The NXT guys worry me because I see them doing such highly physical things during their matches, those things are dangerous and they wear and tear on your career.”

Whilst the prospect of a Randy Orton vs Tommaso Ciampa is certainly mouth-watering, would the idea of Randy Orton in NXT be something you would want to see? Would his experience and style help add an extra dimension to the NXT roster’s learning, or would it potentially dull down the exciting ring work the brand is known for.

Randy Orton faces Edge at WWE Backlash on Sunday, available live on the WWE Network.

Thanks to tjrwrestling.net for the transcription.

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