Randy Orton Challenges Edge To A WRESTLING Match

Edge & Randy Orton
Photo Credit: WWE

Edge and Randy Orton both made their returns to Raw last night and in an interesting twist on the usual WWE formula, it looks like we are building to a straightforward match to follow their violent gimmick match at WrestleMania 36.

It’s an interesting way to go and we like it. The man we must surely now be legally bound to as the Grizzled Veteran, Edge came to Orlando to once again go face to face with The Viper for the first time since the emotionally charged ending to their Last Man Standing match in the same venue on Sunday April 5th.

Orton showed up and in rare humble fashion, admitted that the best man won…..but not the best wrestler.

He challenged Edge to get back in the ring at Backlash for a straightforward, no bells and whistles, 1 vs 1 wrestling match.

We are so used to seeing this sort of match be the start of a feud before escalating to a gimmick encounter so a reversal of this is refreshing, and it makes sense. The original betrayal by Orton was so vicious and raw (No capital letter), that a hard hitting gimmick match was the only way to go.

With that match seeing the two lance the boil of their evil intentions to one another, tensions have now realistically simmered to a more professional rivalry. Now the emotions are out of their system, they want to simply prove who the better man at their chosen profession is.

Can Edge still compete in the traditional sense? Or did he rely on the weapons and the hardcore environment in the PC to paper over the cracks of his diminished ability? It works, doesn’t it? We really like it.

Roll on Backlash!

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