Parker Boudreaux Signs WWE Developmental Deal

Parker Boudreaux

Football player Parker Boudreaux became a hot topic and viral sensation amongst wrestling fans recently. With a striking resemblance to former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, many fans have pegged him already as the next big thing.

Paul Heyman himself has even given Bordreaux specific praise. The 22 year old recently made an appearance backstage at an NXT show and joined a Royal Rumble watch along with Eva Marie.

Boudreaux had revealed that he would be joining a pro-wrestling company and now that seems this has come to fruition according to The Wrestling Observer newsletter. They wrote:

“Parker Boudreaux, the University of Central Florida football player we’ve written about a few times after Paul Heyman endorsed him, has quit the team and is going to pursue pro wrestling. He signed a developmental deal.”

Parker has since quit the University of Central Florida football team, seemingly in order for him to concentrate on his career in WWE.

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