NXT Wrestler Makes WWE Main Roster Debut On SmackDown With New Gimmick


Does the name Eric Bugenhagen ring any bells?

In 2019, Bugenhagen made a short appearance on NXT and unexpectedly ‘broke the internet’ with his cheesy air guitar gimmick.

For those that remember this appearance fondly, Bugenhagen now appears to be a member of the SmackDown roster after making his debut on the brand last night under the name Ric Boogs.

Boogs, portrayed a hair metal rock star type character, involved himself in the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin.

Firstly he sparred with Corbin in a backstage skit before the match. He then contributed musically to Nakamura’s entrance before involving himself in the finish to the bout when his playing of the riff in Nakamura’s entrance music at ringside distracted Corbin to the point of falling victim to the ‘roll up of doom’ from Nakamura.

Credit: WWE

Boogs has been part of the WWE system since 2017. The bulk of his appearances have been on non-televised NXT shows with a scattering of TV appearances.

He has also wrestled on two occasions for the defunct Evolve promotion and most recently portrayed the Joseph Average character as part of a series of promotional vignettes WWE made on behalf of Old Spice.

During those skits he actually won the 24/7 Championship twice, for what it’s worth.

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