NXT: Who Walked Out As Cruiserweight Champion? Did Drake Maverick Save His Job?

Drake Maverick
Photo Credit: WWE

Was it a work? Was it a shoot? Was it a shoot that had turned into a work? We have all been speculating for weeks and we finally got the payoff to this tremendous storyline. Would Drake Maverick be able to defeat El Hijo Del Fantastma, win the interim Cruiserweight title and save his job?

No. He couldn’t

After a not-surprisingly excellent match and interference from the masked Luchadors, Fantasma got the pin, the win and the title, leaving Maverick distraught.

However, right at the last, with Maverick in tears and and his dreams in tatters, HHH emerged from backstage with an NXT contract in hand for Maverick to sign.

Photo Credit: WWE

And sign he duly did, before embracing the head honcho of the yellow brand. He didn’t even read the terms. His lawyer will be having kittens!

This was a feel good confirmation to a fantastic story that elevated this tournament to something truly special and made a new babyface underdog star in Drake Maverick.

What is the truth in the origins of the story? It’s impossible to say whether this was the plan from before the release was announced or whether this has come as a result of Maverick’s heartfelt reaction video and how he used the news as a springboard rather than the end.

What is for sure is that as a wrestling fan, it actually feels good to be worked once in a while. In the age of spoilers and social media, it is next to impossible to have genuine intrigue about what we are seeing on screen. This angle accomplished that in spades and whether that was the original plan or not, who knows?

As for the future of the Cruiserweight title itself, Fantasma will now represent the title as champion until such a time that the Coronavirus travel ban is eased allowing the reigning champion Jordan Devlin to get back on TV.

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