NXT: Mystery Luchadors Identity Revealed As Part Of Big Ej Hijo del Fantasma Angle

El Hijo Del Fantasma
Photo Credit: WWE

One of the most intriguing sub-plots around NXT recently has been the frequent attacks on various superstars by a gang of unknown luchadors. Typically they have arrived by car to attack or abduct a superstar but in recent weeks, a pair of masked men have made their way into the arena to more directly involve themselves in the action.

One such instance was during the final to the Cruiserweight Championship tournament last week between eventual winner El Hijo del Fantasma and Drake Maverick. Their interference led directly to Fantasma picking up the win against Maverick after the Brit attacked them before they could attack either of the competitors.

This week saw Maverick come to the ring to confront the new (no longer interim it seems) champion to ask for a title rematch now that he is a full time, contracted NXT roster member.

Photo Credit: WWE

After Fantasma agreed, the two masked men showed up. Just as it looked like the two tournament finalists would stand their ground to confront them, Fantasma blindsided Maverick, seemingly revealing himself in cahoots with the duo. Before attacking, the luchadors removed their masks to reveal themselves as Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza.

Shockingly, Fantasma also removed his mask to reveal his face for the first time in NXT and announced that he would now be known as Santos Escobar.

It’s fair to assume that the trio will now unite as a heel stable on the black and yellow brand. It seems the newly underdog Maverick has a strong rival to set himself against to further his rise to babyface stardom.

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