NWA Back For The Attack Confirmed For Fite TV This Month

Nick Aldis
Credit: NWA

Earlier today we reported there were positive signs for the future of the NWA.

This is very quickly coming to fruition, with NWA Back For The Attack now confirmed for 21st March.

NWA Back For The Attack

The event will air on Fite TV, where the event is listed with the following description.

On March 21st NWA is back on FITE! Back for the Attack is the first PPV event of NWA in 2021 and will be big, and historic! The event features the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, NWA stars Thunder Rosa, Aron Stevens, Trevor Murdoch, Elijah Burke aka The Pope, Tim Storm, Kamille, and many more.

The event is priced at $19.99, and whilst there are no surprises with the names mentioned above we will be keeping a close eye on further announcements for the show and any further tapings.

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