NJPW Announces First Live Event Since February


New Japan Pro Wrestling was the first major wrestling company on the planet to suffer the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the virus originating in East Asia (Wuhan, China), a significant number of cases spread to Japan much earlier that North America.

In February, NJPW announced that all live events from 1st March onwards would cease. While companies like WWE and AEW have continued to hold shows made for television, devoid of fans, NJPW shut up shop completely.

This morning, in a press conference streamed live on their YouTube channel, they announced the return of live events on Monday June 15th with a show called ‘Together Project Special’.

This will be directly followed by the start of the rescheduled New Japan Cup on Tuesday June 16th. The tournament, which was originally due to begin in March, will culminate on July 11th.

All of the upcoming announced events will be without fans in attendance.

The bracket for the New Japan Cup is pictured below. The matches for ‘Together Project Special’ will be announced during the show.

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