New Stable Formed In Thrilling Conclusion To AEW Dynamite

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The big finale to AEW Revolution might have been a bit of a dud, literally, but on this week’s Dynamite, the promotion showed they have not forgotten how to deliver a truly explosive show closing as a new stable was formed in one of the hottest angle’s in the companies history.

The show ended with the promised Inner Circle War Council, seeing all members of the faction in the ring to iron out their recent differences.

Sami Guevara soon made his return to reveal to his former stablemate Jericho that he had secretly recorded the other members of the Inner Circle talking to MJF and agreeing to turn on Chris Jericho and form a new version of the group, led by him.

After feigning shock, Jericho’s mood soon lightened as MJF instructed Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager to attack The Demo God. Jericho revealed he already knew about the plan…because Santana, Ortiz and Hager told him about it immediately and them joining MJF was simply a ruse.

Guevara was also confirmed as back with the group and the original Inner Circle was once again complete.

With this swerve in the bag, the real story was still to come. MJF coyly said that he had fooled them into thinking that he wanted to take over Jericho’s Inner Circle when really, he wanted to form an Inner Circle of his own.

With that, the lights went off and when they came back on, MJF and Wardlow were joined by FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard. It seems the rumours of a new version of The Four Horsemen have already blossomed.

The customary brawl then ensued, with MJF’s group getting the upper hand, leading MJF to blast Jericho with a punch after putting on his Dynamite Diamond Ring.

With Jericho attempting in vain to reach his baseball bat, Floyd, before MJF mockingly stood on it at the last second, Wardlow carried a bloodied Jericho to the top of the stage before powerbombing him off the side to the floor!

The show ended with a bloody and lifeless Jericho lying helpless on the ground at Daily’s Place as the new faction celebrated.

An angle like this had been expected since the moment MJF and Jericho joined forces. The waiting paid off handsomely and Jericho and the Inner Circle will now go forward as a babyface faction which will bring a whole new feel to the AEW upper-midcard and main event.

Credit: AEW

MJF and his new group, meanwhile will soon reveal what form they will take. Fans will hope that the feel of the stable will indeed skew towards that Four Horsemen vibe that has been rumoured for some time.

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