New Member To Join Roman Reigns’ Stable On SmackDown

Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman & Jey Uso
Credit: WWE

Since August, Roman Reigns has reigned as not only the WWE Universal Champion but also the undisputed top dog on SmackDown.

Since turning heel and surrounding himself with minions Paul Heyman and his cousin Jey Uso, Reigns’ control over the blue corner of WWE has been absolute.

This week on SmackDown we saw a tease that a new face might be pulling up a chair at Reigns’ table – Apollo Crews.

In his Intercontinental title match with Big E on last week’s show, Crews showed huge frustration at the end of his losing effort and slapped the champion hard, leading many to believe he was starting on the road to a change in attitude.

This week, this was subtly furthered when he was seen sitting with Reigns in his dressing room when Heyman came in to finalise a contract for a revised Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

When Heyman came in to talk business, Reigns urged Crews to stay and learn. Once he had finished ordering Heyman around, Reigns turned to Crews and told him that was how you handled your business.

Crews seemed to take it all in and would surely be a prime candidate to join Reigns to do the champion’s bidding in exchange for his benevolence and wisdom.

After winning the United States Championship in April on Raw, Crews looked to be having something of a break out year. However, after feuding with MVP in the early days of the Hurt Business, Crews moved to SmackDown in the draft and had done nothing of note until his match with Big E.

This could be an effective way to breath life into his character and give Reigns’ all time great main event heel persona even more ballast.

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