Mystery Former Champion Set To Return At NXT TakeOver 31

On this past week’s episode of NXT, a vignette aired to announce the return of a mystery man (or woman) making their return to NXT at TakeOver on Sunday October 4th.

The video saw the mystery person break into a case containing an NXT Championship whilst lamenting the state of the champions that followed them since they left the brand.

The disguised voiceover included the following line:

“I’m not sure what happened. I helped create something out of my own blood, years and years of dedication… to be taken over by paper champions. These NXT championships have been in isolation for far too long, now I’ve come back. The Takeover is mine.”

This strongly suggests that it is a former NXT champion set to return which significantly narrows down the options. Names currently under contract to WWE that could fit the bill include Samoa Joe, Big E, Kevin Owens, Aleister Black, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, Drew McIntyre and Andrade. For various reasons, it feels hard to believe any of these options would fit the bill. Another suggestion is Bobby Roode who has been tipped to return to TV soon having not been seen since the start of the pandemic due to travel restrictions from his native Canada. However, Roode’s time in NXT was relatively brief and despite being a former champion, he can hardly have said to have built the brand.

This leaves two significant possibilities. The first is Bo Dallas. As one of the first NXT champions, and longest reigning at 260 days, he fits the bill in terms of positioning in NXT’s history. Another strong candidate would be Sami Zayn. Although his time as champion was fleeting, it did come during the time that NXT was truly blooming into the beloved brand we now know it to be. The rhetoric in the promo also fits perfectly with his current character. In fact, WWE themselves have described the figure as a ‘mystery insurgent’.

Who do you want to see fill the role? We will find out exactly who it is in a few days time.

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