Mick Foley Congratulates Paul Wight On His Move To… Scottish Parliament?

Mick Foley, Paul Wight, Annabelle Ewing
Credit: Dunfermline Press

As we reported earlier, Paul Wight AKA The Big Show has signed with AEW, taking him away from (what we thought would be his retirement) home in WWE.

When the news was released wrestling superstars from all over the world sent out congratulations to Wight, with one of the most notable tweets coming from Mick Foley.

In the tweet Foley tagged Wight and meant to tag AEW (@aew – 585k followers) but instead tagged the slightly less well known Annabelle Ewing (@aewing4Cbeath – 3.5k followers), who is a Member of Scottish Parliament for Cowdenbeath, Scotland.

After Twitter users were quick to point out the error, Foley tagged Ewing again but this time to apologise.

My apologies @aewing4Cbeath for any unwanted attention my last tweet brought you. That was my auto correct being far from correct.

Long time fans of Ewing know that she’s nothing but professional and she replied taking it all in her stride.

No worries. Have had a great laugh tonight. Great to see so many new folk taking an interest in Scottish Indy and my campaign! All the best.

Rumours that WWE have since approached Ewing for an NXT UK call up are, as of yet, unfounded.

H/t to Dunfermline Press for the original article and pic!

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