Matt Riddle Wants To Revive Old Stable On WWE SmackDown

Matt Riddle
Photo Credit: WWE

Matt Riddle isn’t backwards in coming forwards is he? Ahead of making his SmackDown in ring debut this Friday, he is already floating around creative ideas for his time on the blue brand.

Sound familiar? It should do. The Original Bro has spent much of the last year on social media campainging for matches against either Goldberg or Brock Lesnar. With neither match likely to happen in the near future, Riddle has seemingly set his sights on more immediate goals.

And oh my, what mouth-watering goals they are…

Be still our beating hearts! This is the exact suggestion we made when Riddle was first announced on SmackDown and oh my goodness do we approve.

Catch Point was a stable in Evolve, led by Drew Gulak that at various times including members such as TJP, Matt Riddle, Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams. The group was based around the idea of an Olympic training centre style technical wrestling collective that specialised in the mat based style so popular in Evolve at the time.

Photo Credit: WWE

The stable began to unravel when Riddle joined the group and fell apart altogether in 2015 when founder Gulak lost a wonderful grudge match to the former UFC star Riddle.

With Gulak’s recent association with Daniel Bryan having serious Catch Point overtones, it was not a big reach to imagine the three guys coming together on SmackDown to reform the stable on the bigger stage.

Rather like when you badger your parents to get you a dog only for them to say no and then immediately agree to the hamster as a compromise, when that’s what you really wanted anyway, maybe management will throw Riddle a ‘Brone’ to try and get him to shut up about knocking out their cash cows!

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