Matt Riddle: ‘McMahon Thanked Me For Not Punching Goldberg!’

Matt Riddle
Photo Credit: WWE

Matt Riddle has seemingly had great fun over the last couple of years poking fun at some of the biggest stars in wrestling.

Both Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have been targets for The Original Bro’s social media digs and quips. Reports have said that neither they nor WWE higher ups have taken very kindly to it. Indeed, when Goldberg and Riddle came face to face at SummerSlam in August 2019, tense words were exchanged as Goldberg made it clear he did not appreciate being the butt of the former UFC competitor’s jibes.

In the week that Riddle is expected to debut on Smackdown, he appeared on WWE’s online show ‘The Bump’ and told a superb story about the aftermath of the SummerSlam confrontation. According to Riddle, none other than Shane McMahon thanked him for not making the encounter physical. Riddle said:

“Shane McMahon was watching from down the hall like, ‘Oh no, these guys are gonna fight!’ After after, Shane was like, ‘Thanks for not swinging on Goldberg.’ Could you imagine? Matt Riddle punches Goldberg unconscious in the back! I can’t do that. That is not a stallion move. You get a match set-up and beat him in front of millions. That’s a stallion move.”

Never say never when there’s money to be made but Riddle shouldn’t get his hopes up of these two stallions meeting in the ring anytime soon. It seems these two just have very different outlooks on life. On the differences between himself and the WWE Hall Of Famer, Riddle said:

“I think we still have differing opinions. It’s two different mindsets when you get into this business. Even when it came to Mixed Martial Arts, I like to grind. I’m a hard worker and known for my conditioning. I like to push a pace and expect a lot from myself and my peers. Me and Goldberg, in that sense, just didn’t see eye to eye and I think we have a different opinion on work. It was an opinion, he doesn’t want to be my bro. I completely understand. I didn’t really want to be his bro.”

Say what you want about Matt Riddle but he certainly knows how to poke the bear!

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