Matt Hardy: Sammy Guevara Match Always Planned, “It’s Easy To Get Disgruntled With WWE”

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has evolved all of his previous characters in to one in recent weeks in AEW, however it seems this came about after he got disgruntled with the creative opportunities in WWE.

Speaking to TV Insider, Hardy talked about how much more comfortable he feels with the discussion he can have with AEW.

I can say is in other companies, specifically WWE, it’s easy to get disgruntled creatively. You might have these creative ideas and things you know you can do so well, but you don’t get the opportunity to do them or they get completely altered. In AEW, it’s amazing how you interact with Tony Khan or the Young Bucks or Cody or whoever it may be. You get together, collaborate and set a course of action and really get to do it.

He faces Sammy Guevara in a Tables Match on Dynamite tonight, however it seems that this was always part of a longer-term plan.

Originally appearing to face off against The Inner Circle, Hardy revealed in the interview that there was always a plan for him to help elevate Guevara, and potentially in a cinematic contest before it became so popular.

In all actuality, when we first started doing all that, the original plan, I think, was to have the cinematic match with Sammy. I challenged Jericho, but the idea was for it to get pushed off to Sammy. Things went differently when North Carolina and other states went into lockdown. From the very beginning, I was going to end up having a feud with Sammy, and Jericho was my bridge to get to that. As far as the Hardy Compound fight with Sammy, that may happen one day. We’ll see. 

This may get nixed due to cinematic matches being used heavily during the pandemic, however given the fact Hardy instigated what many would call one of the originals in the field, if it were to happen he would know the direction to take the contest.

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