Martha Hart says ‘No, Never’ On Owen In WWE Hall Of Fame

Owen Hart
Photo Credit: WWE

Tuesday nights sees the broadcast of the season two finale of ‘The Dark Side Of The Ring’ series that will tell the story of the tragic death of Owen Hart.

This particular episode has received a large amount of pre-release publicity with Martha Hart last week being a guest on the ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast where she announced that we would soon be seeing t-shirts released bearing Owen’s likeness in order to raise funds for the Owen Hart Foundation.

Now an interview has been released with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated talking to Martha about the documentary. Owen’s widow praised the show as being true to the story she wanted to see told. She said:

they did an exceptional job telling the story, and it’s actually the story I hoped would be told.

Another subject covered was Owen’s potential induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame. It’s a fair bet that given the opportunity, Owen would have long ago been inducted as his career so clearly warrants. However, it has long been said that Martha Hart has been vehemently against the idea. Her comment’s in this SI interview back that up. Asked the direct question as to whether she would ever permit the induction she simply stated:

No, never.

It seems fairly conclusive therefore that Owen’s induction, a moment many fans would dearly love to see, will never happen. Although this will disappoint many long time Owen fans, they will also respect his widow’s position on the matter.

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