Lars Sullivan ‘Quits Wrestling’ After WWE Release

Lars Sullivan
Credit: WWE

The news broke this week in a report by PWInsider, one of the more controversial stars in recent WWE history, Lars Sullivan, has been released by WWE.

The report suggests that Sullivan, real name Dylan Miley, was actually released in January. It is customary for WWE to acknowledge the departure of a member of the talent roster with a now famous ‘future endeavours’ story posted on This did not happen with Sullivan.

Following this report, Fightful Select reached out to Sullivan who confirmed the report, stressing that WWE handled the situation with ‘compassion and honesty’.

Sullivan has had a troubled time in WWE. After making his main roster debut in 2019, it was rumoured that he was in line for a huge push including a match at WrestleMania with John Cena. However, these plans were dashed. Firstly, the debut itself was held off following Sullivan reportedly suffering an anxiety attack that forced him to miss the taping. Instead of being featured at ‘Mania, he made his debut the night after the big show by attacking Kurt Angle who had retired the night previously.

His initial stint on the roster was halted by a knee injury suffered in June that kept him out of action until October 2020 when a short return was quickly and quietly ended before his relase.

Amidst all this, various incidents from Sullivan’s past began to emerge, including derogatory sexist and homophobic remarks that he mad made on a message board some years before and which resulted in WWE levying a $100,000 fine. It was also revealed that prior to his time with the company, Sullivan took part in a homosexual adult movie.

In his discussion with FS, Sullivan described these incidents as resulting from ‘idiocy’ and his own ‘selfish behaviour’.

Furthermore, he confirmed that his battles with mental health were so overwhelming that he found himself unable to eat or sleep on the days that he was due to appear on WWE and that these issues would likely lead to him leaving wrestling altogether. Sullivan also cited the death of his father in 2020 as a contributory factor in his struggles.

Regardless of his past indiscretions, we wish Miley all the best in his ongoing battle. If you too are struggling with mental health issues, the NHS recommends a number of organisations you can reach out to.

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