Kyle O’Reilly Hopes NXT: TakeOver Singles Match “Is Not A One-Off”

Kyle O'Reilly

At NXT: TakeOver 31, Kyle O’Reilly gets a shot at Finn Balor’s NXT Championship, in a step away from his regular tag action alongside The Undisputed Era.

In an interview with The New York Post, O’Reilly hopes that this won’t be his last solo outing in the company.

I’m going to make the most of any chance that I’m given. That said, I hope this is not a one-off. I hope I’m walking away as the NXT champion. You know things happen. That may not be the case this weekend.

But yeah, I certainly hope to continue to have some more singles opportunities. There are a lot of interesting matchups in NXT I’d really like to have from a single’s standpoint.

The former multi-time NXT Tag Team Champion returned to win the gauntlet match to get his shot at TakeOver, having been off TV for an extended period during the pandemic.

O’Reilly has Type 1 Diabetes, and at first had to isolate for his own safety but was soon keen to get back in the ring.

At first, when this whole thing broke out it was scary for the reasons like you said, health being a huge part of that. As we learned more about what going on, I became more confident. As time progressed, I started chomping at the bit to return. You could only do so many garage workouts in a day to keep the cabin fever away.

After a while, I was ready to come back. The company had my health in their best interest. They weren’t going to risk anything with me. Once the opportunity finally came around to come back, all the precautions had been taken and continue to be taken. I felt confident and yeah, it was a long few months.

We can expect O’Reilly to be strumming an imaginary title belt to the ring before this match, as he has done with the tag strap in the past.

However, it seems that this is something that O’Reilly just did off the cuff and became a real signature.

No, 100 percent feel it in the moment. The music hits and I just turn into some sort of psychedelic, funky priest slapping a bass guitar and I come through the curtain and I’m just feeling it. Honestly, I’ll watch the footage and I don’t even remember doing that. I almost become someone different.

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