Kurt Angle Teases In Ring Return Amidst Mystery AEW Debutant Speculation

Kurt Angle
Credit: Impact Wrestling

As a man who has spent over two decades in the professional wrestling business, Kurt Angle knows a thing or two about getting people talking.

With AEW President Tony Khan fanning the flames of the mystery ‘Hall of Fame worthy’ debutant at AEW Revolution, Angle has dropped a less than subtle video hint on Twitter suggesting he’s close to getting back between the ropes.

Angle has been one of the most heavily rumoured names in recent days alongside stars like Batista, Christian, CM Punk and Mick Foley.

Does this video make it more likely to be Angle? Almost certainly not. If it were him, you would expect total radio silence. Why hint and ruin the surprise?

It feels more like Angle using the speculation to get people talking about him even more and using the situation for his own gain.

Or maybe we are being double-bluffed? It’s not difficult to over-think these things is it?

Whether it’s Angle, Mark Henry, TL Hopper or Barry Horowitz, we will find out the identity of AEW’s big surprise on Sunday March 7th.

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