Karrion Kross On Dream WWE WrestleMania Opponent

Karrion Kross

Many have aspirations of competing at WrestleMania, but Karrion Kross could see it as a significant opportunity given his swift rise since moving to NXT from Impact Wrestling.

In a recent interview with the Gorilla Position podcast, Kross made a point of what a match with ‘The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment’ at the grandest stage of them all could do for him, but also had his eyes on another match.

I would definitely say Brock Lesnar. I respectfully don’t know if, in my opinion, he would be the measuring stick so much as maybe The Rock would be the measuring stick, and I say that because in terms of generating attention and interest, I think maybe he’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood, I think I read that somewhere. He came from here. If someone wants to emulate the absolute, most success you can find in this business, I’d probably say The Rock is definitely the guy. Selfishly, Brock Lesnar and The Rock would be my perfect, ideal WrestleMania matches.

It would seem Kross and Scarlett are on a fast track in NXT, with his path of destruction looking likely to head for a showdown with newly-crowned double champion Keith Lee.

Many were surprise by the grandeur of the entrance Kross made on his first appearance in NXT, another sign of what the backstage team think of him.

In the interview, Kross took the opportunity to discuss which superstar he feels has the best entrance of all time.

I think The Undertaker probably has the best entrance of all time, and I’ve said it before as well, I feel like ‘Taker has always had his own gravity. I feel also one of the reasons why it was the best entrance of all time is because its not necessarily for his time period, just a general pro-wrestling entrance, it wasn’t like his music hit and the guy walks down to the ring. It was something that transcended where we were at at that time watching as viewers. It was completely different. I think his entrance even appealed to mainstream entertainment.

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