Karrion Kross: “I Am The Change That People Are Always Looking For”

Karrion Kross
Photo Credit: WWE

We already know that Karrion Kross is on the path to an NXT Championship match at TakeOver: Stand And Deliver.

Ahead of that, Kross has spoken about how some have reacted to his comeback from injury, ending up back in a top spot.

Speaking with Steven Muehlhausen at DAZN News, Kross said that whilst some may not accept him being put back in the position it is overall the sort of shake-up people want to see.

I feel like my story right now is a success over the status quo. People don’t like status quo. They don’t like it. If you think about it like that, I am the change that people are always asking for. I am the change that people are always looking for. People want to see things get shaken up immediately. If you look at it and observe like that, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The other thing I would tell them, ‘Hey, if you’re not sold on me, keep watching because I’ve heard that before’. I have a lot of fans right now that are diehard fans of mine that weren’t big on me to begin with. Know at the end of the day, everything that I do is in the interest of entertaining you. So eventually, I’ll get you. Believe me.

Kross had one of his crowning moments when he won the NXT Championship at TakeOver XXX, however was then forced to relinquish the title just days later due to a separated shoulder suffered during the match with Keith Lee.

He knew the moment he landed he was injured, but wasn’t going to let it stop the match.

As soon as I landed, it just didn’t feel right. I grabbed it, and I felt like something was out. I was like, ‘Oh, something’s out’. I was like, I hope that in my mind that they didn’t see that. I’m gonna try to push it back in. I tried to shove it back in. You can see me doing it. It’s not going back in.

I just remember the ref asked me, ‘Are you okay’? I was like, ‘Ah, yeah’. There’s no way in my mind that they might even stop it but there’s no way.

Kross has a match against former Tag Team Champion Oney Lorcan on a stacked episode of NXT tonight.

However, his sights are firmly set on his match with ‘The Prince’ in a few weeks time and what the opportunity means to him.

It would be an event symbolic of coming completely full circle to getting knocked off the path and getting back on track to where we’re supposed to be. Every single thing that’s happened to me, every single thing that’s happened in my career, it comes full circle. It means something to get that belt back and defend it in a manner in which I was supposed to. It will mean everything.

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