Karl Anderson In Battle With WWE Over Rights To His Name

Karl Anderson
Photo: WWE

According to PWInsider (£), Karl Anderson has been trying since January 2019 to trademark his name – the very one he was using long before arriving in WWE.

His attempts were initially blocked by WWE since they were also trying to trademark the name, and once their registration was complete in August 2019, Anderson was given an initial rejection.

Karl has since filed this response to the USPTO:

“With respect to the cited registration, applicant notes that contractually the WWE has acknowledged that applicant is the owner of the mark but that WWE would file and register the mark in its own name.

“That is to say, applicant is the legal owner of both the cited registration and the instant application. A heavily-redacted copy of the agreement between the registrant and applicant can be provided, if helpful and requested by the Examining Attorney.”

Normally you wouldn’t blame WWE for attempting to protect the image they had cultivated on their TV shows from competitors, but in this instance Anderson was a well-known and respected name on the global wrestling scene for years before signing with the Stamford-based juggernaut in 2016.

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