Jon Moxley Cuts Funny In-Ring Promo After AEW Revolution Mocking Weak ‘Explosion’ Finale

Jon Moxley

The main event of AEW Revolution saw Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega largely deliver on the promise of violence in their Exploding Barb Wire Deathmatch.

The bout itself saw both men take staggeringly brutal risks during Omega’s successful AEW World Championship defence to satisfy the fans baying for blood and guts from the two.

However, the ending of the match has been roundly mocked in the hours since on social media. The rules of the bout stated that the final explosion was timed for 30 minutes after the bout’s start. The danger of this was hyped up throughout the matches by the announcers.

When this finally arrived it would be fair to call it underwhelming to the point of parody. With Moxley and former rival Eddie Kingston selling the explosion like they had literally been in a bomb blast, the very last image of the PPV will sadly be remembered for all the wrong reasons, which is slightly harsh on a good, if not great, show.

After the show had gone off the air, Moxley had the wherewithal to grab a mic and address the issue to the crowd of around 1,200 fans inside Daily’s Place.

In the post-Revolution media scrum, Tony Khan confirmed the finished will be addressed on this week’s Dynamite. This is a good move as the weakness of the pyro really took away from a phenomenal piece of booking that saw Kingston attempt to sacrifice himself for his old rival to shield him from the incoming blast.

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