Johnny Gargano Gives An Update On His Injury

Johnny Gargano vs Kushida
Credit: WWE

As we reported earlier, Johnny Gargano looked as though he would be unable to defend the North American Championship against Kushida this Sunday, due to a broken arm.

This week on NXT Gargano made his way to ringside in a wheelchair with his arm in a sling and was helped in to the ring by the rest of The Way. ‘Johnny Wheelchair’ then showed a picture of an x-ray and explained that his arm was broken in multiple places due to last weeks attack by Kushida.

William Regal came out and told Gargano he knows the x-ray isn’t is and gives him two options, Austin Theory can defend the title on his behalf or Gargano can forfeit the title right now, but either way he needs to check with Kushida.

Kushida attacks from behind and grabs the title but Johnny Wheelchair jumps up and grabs the other side, trying to pull it away and proving that not only does he not need the wheelchair, but that there’s nothing wrong with his arm.

Gargano vs. Kushida for the North American Championship is back on for this Sunday at Takeover: Vengeance Day. Full card details including how to watch the event can be found here.

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