Is The Undertaker Scared Of Cucumbers? The Definitive Answer

The Undertaker
Photo Credit: WWE

With all the access to The Undertaker we have had recently, either through the documentary series ‘The Last Ride’ or the press around the show, we have heard an awful lot about Mark Calaway, the man behind the gimmick, than we have ever heard before. Truly, it’s been a treat.

However, these is one question that has not been answered until now and it has been DESTROYING us! And we know it has been eating at you too. We were waiting for a discussion about one huge rumour that has swirled around Taker for years. A myth… nay, a legend that has always cast a shadow over his myriad of in ring accomplishments…

Is The Undertaker really scared of cucumbers?

We have no idea where this rumour first started. Nor do we want to know. Such a key piece of Taker lore deserves better than a definitive starting point. Better, like the origin story of another pop culture icon, The Joker, to have the truth shrouded in a fog of mystery.

Well now, thanks to a recent interview on the podcast, ‘Pardon My Take’, transcribed by Wrestling Inc, the truth, as Mulder & Scully used to say, is out there.

When asked by the hosts directly about his supposed fear and whether he would run scared from a room if a cucumber was produced. Taker said:

OK, let’s get this straight. ‘m not scared of cucumbers. I just don’t like cucumbers. I’ll probably leave the room. I’m not gonna run, If they’re whole, that’s one thing. If they’re cut up, whew.

And there you have it folks. The Undertaker detests cucumbers enough that if one was produced it would make him leave the room. If that cucumber is sliced…

Well, at least we now know what was truly contained in that cloth Giant Gonzales pulled out at WrestleMania 9!

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