Identity Of Akira Tozawa’s Massive Mystery Henchman Confirmed

WWE's Newest Ninja

Many were surprised when Akira Tozawa returned at Backlash, especially with his stable of ninjas by his side.

The most intimidating of these then also got into a skirmish with The Big Show following an eight-man tag match on Raw.

It has now been confirmed by Lords Of Pain that this intimidating force flanking Tozawa’ is Jordan Omogbehin, a former basketball player now training at the Performance Centre.

Omogbehin, wearing a mask as part of this “ninja bodyguard” persona, stands at 7 foot 3, and signed for WWE towards the end of 2018. Whilst he’s been wrestling on house shows since last summer, these last few days are his first televised appearances.

With Tozawa now also taking on the ninja image, it would seem that this is not just a one-off appearance and that Omogbehin will get more TV time in the coming weeks.

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