Identity Of Actor Who Played Fake Drew McIntyre On Raw

Fake Drew McIntyre

On Monday’s episode of Raw, The Miz and John Morrison decided to have some fun at the expense of Royal Rumble headliners Goldberg and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, via the old routine of having impersonators show up in their stead.

Of course, a spot of Goldberg mocking means another paycheck for Duane ‘Gillberg’ Gill, presumably because ‘Greenberg’ from Fall Brawl 1998 has retired, or something. However, a moderately-renowned actor played the role of ‘Drew’ for this segment.

Fake McIntyre was played by one David Krumholtz. The 42-year-old has shown up in a number of movies and television shows, but had a sustained run as Charlie Eppes in the series Numb3rs and also appeared multiple times on The Newsroom, Partners, The Good Wife, Mom and more.

He was also in instalments one and two of Tim Allen movie vehicle The Santa Clause, and is actually remembered by most who are familiar with his body of work as the love interest of Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams in hit 1990s movie Addams Family Values.

On Tuesday, Krumholtz confirmed that it was him in a post on his official Instagram. “You’re gosh darn right I was on the WWE tonight,” he wrote. “Thanks to all those who made this happen, specifically @celdyer“.

And now, we count the days until Christopher Mintz-Plasse is hired to portray a scrawny version of Randy Orton.

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