Huge NJPW Star Reported To Be Part Of AEW/Impact Crossover


The talk of the wrestling world this morning is of NJPW stars Dave Finlay and Juice Robinson getting set to appear for Impact Wrestling.

According to today’s Wrestling Observer update, that news is set to be blown out of the water with news that none other than Kazuchika Okada is set to be part of the US crossover.

Without question, one of the biggest stars of modern wrestling, Okada is arguably the biggest star that could be part of this whole deal.

Credit: NJPW

The five time IWGP Heavyweight Champion holds the record for the longest reign with that title in history, clocking in at 720 days. His presence on either Impact Wrestling or AEW Dynamite would be the biggest crossover angle in wrestling in the last decade or more.

There is no word on which of the two companies he would appear in. There was previously bad blood between Impact and NJPW over Impact (then TNA Wrestling’s) perceived misuse of Okada back in 2010/11. While on excursion from Japan, one of the then brightest prospects in the nation was made to act as Samoa Joe’s right hand man in a character that lent heavily on Kato from The Green Hornet.

Credit: Impact Wrestling

However, as that was a decade ago, under a previous regime, its fair to say this could easily be water under the bridge.

If Meltzer is accurate in this reporting (That’s a big if), then we could be in for some incredibly exciting potential match ups in the coming months.

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