He Did It! Drake Maverick Secures Place In NXT Tournament Final

El Hijo Del Fantasma & Drake Maverick
Photo Credit: WWE

The Drake Maverick dream lives on!

Whether you think his release was legit, a total work or some combination of the two, there is no denying that Drake Maverick’s story since said release was announced has been a wonderful story, getting him over as one of the best underdog babyfaces of recent years.

His victory last week over Kushida meant a three way tie in Group A in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament. This led to a triple threat last week between those two competitors and hugely impressive newcomer Jake Atlas who also ended the round with a 2-1 record.

Photo Credit: WWE

That match took place last night and it was a belter. The match ended with some doubt because Atlas tapped out moments before Maverick secured the match winning pinfall.

In a nice moment (That by wrestling logic, may lead on to something down the line), KUSHIDA told Maverick that he wouldn’t be appealing the decision and he would go to the final to face El Hijo Del Fantasma next week on NXT.

Will Drake Maverick go the whole way and win the interim title to set up a showdown in time with the incumbent champion, Jordan Devlin? Or are shenanigans in store featuring those pesky lucha-ninjas we keep seeing pop up?

Only one way to find out…..

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