GCW Announces June Outdoor Event With Fans In Attendance

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Credit: GCW

As countries around the world begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the global Coronvirus pandemic, live sports around the world are busy planning their return to play, mostly without crowds in attendance.

Uniquely, wrestling, at least shows taped for television from WWE and AEW, have gone forward throughout with no fans attending but a huge amount of ingenuity and creativity.

Now, one of the USA’s leading independent promotions has announced an event for June 20th that they will be opening up for fans to attend.

‘The WRLD On GCW Part 2’ will take place at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana in an open air setting with strictly limited tickets and socially distanced seating.

The company has announced that masks are to be worn and these will be provided to fans in need on arrival.

Whilst not everyone will be comfortable with attending any sort of live event just yet, it’s undoubtedly positive news that a company feels comfortable enough to announce this event taking place.

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