Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Suffers Knee Injury – Facing Extended Absence?

Jinder Mahal
Photo Credit: WWE

2020 has dealt pretty much the entire world a poor hand, hasn’t it?

Well, it seems it has been harder on some than others and Jinder Mahal is seemingly one who has had it worst than most.

Just weeks after returning to Raw, amidst murmurs of a babyface turn and renewed push, the Modern Day Maharajah has taken to Instagram to reveal that he is once again facing time on the shelf after knee surgery.

Whilst there is no word on the length of the potential layoff, Mahal was his usual positive self on IG by describing the injury as a ‘speed bump.’

Here’s hoping that this is a short setback and not something that hinders Jinder for a long time.

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