David Arquette Confirmed For Scream Sequel

David Arquette
Photo Credit: WWE

It was recently confirmed that a fifth instalment in the ‘Scream’ horror franchise is on the way, produced by Spyglass Entertainment.

It had since been rumoured that the producers were trying to bring in a number of the original cast members from the iconic 90s series with Neve Campbell in particular being mentioned.

Fans of both ironic horror and Wrestlecrap will be delighted to hear the news, confirmed by Variety, that former WCW champion David Arquette has signed on to reprise his role as inept Sheriff Dewey Riley.

Talking about his return to the series, originally directed by the late horror legend, Wes Craven, Arquette was quoted by Variety as saying:

I’m excited to reteam with David and work with Jamie, Guy and Radio Silence on the next ‘Scream,’” Williamson said. “Their take on the movie is both original, inventive and honors Wes’ legacy in a wonderful way.  ‘Ready or Not’  was my favorite horror film of last year and I can’t wait to see what their amazing talents bring to the ‘Scream’ universe. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

It was the role that turned Arquette into a late 90s superstar for a short period. In that time, he also starred in the wrestling themed movie, Ready To Rumble that he then parlayed into his glorious run as the WCW standard bearer for a mercifully short time.

Arquette has rekindled his passion for wrestling in recent years and is due to release the documentary ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette‘ later this year.

The film follows his recent return to wrestling and sees him taking part in several independent matches in the USA and Mexico, including an infamous ‘Death Match’ in which he suffered a severe laceration and dangerous levels of blood loss.

Here’s hoping that any blood spilled in his new role is rather more ‘Hollywood’ in terms of it’s authenticity.

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