Ember Moon: ‘My Injury May Be Career Ending’

Ember Moon
Photo Credit: WWE

Former NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon appeared last night on WWE Backstage and shared her fears that her current injury may force her to retire from the ring.

Moon has been on the shelf since September 2019. She injured her achilles while part of one of the then common packs of mid-card wrestlers doing the cartoon chase after the 24/7 Champion (sigh…). Since then, fans have been anticipating her return to the ring later this year but now it seems that might happen. Speaking to host Renee Young as well as Mark Henry and Booker T, Moon said:

The more and more I sit back and look at everything I’ve done and what I would redo, I think more about my injury currently and realizing that I may have a career-ending injury,” she explained. “I’m coming back from the hardest injury and I might not have a chance to redeem myself of all the things I wanted to do. And all the things I want do in my future. It’s so hard to think back in regret when I try to look forward.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t definitive. Maybe Moon is going through the usual mental ups and downs an injured athlete often experiences? Maybe she’s working? Let’s hope so.

Since debuting on the main roster in April 2018, it’s fair to say Moon hasn’t been given the chance to show the world just what she is capable of. Her work in NXT and prior to that, as Athena on the indie scene, illustrates that we’ve only seen a fraction of Moon’s true potential.

Let’s hope we soon get chance to see the rest of it in the future.

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