Elias Recruited By Shane McMahon To Fight Braun Strowman At WWE Fastlane

Photo Credit: WWE

Shane McMahon was injured the day of WWE Fastlane whilst training and thus could not compete in his scheduled match with Braun Strowman.

However, in a spectacular piece of bad timing by The Drifter, Elias showed up to try and book himself a slot on the WrestleMania card.

With Shane having said he may have an idea for him, Elias and his failed clone Jaxson Ryker made their way to the ring to start playing the guitar. Three chords in and Shane revealed that Elias was actually his replacement in the match with Strowman at Fastlane.

Strowman then came out and did what ‘The Monster Among Men’ is best at, running over Elias in a mostly one-sided fight.

Presumably this was all in an effort to keep the feud going McMahon and Strowman up to WrestleMania without it getting too stale beforehand.

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