Edge: ‘It Is Impossible To Have The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’

Edge Royal Rumble Return

What is the greatest wrestling match ever?

According to WWE, it hasn’t actually taken place yet. Well, it has, kind of, as it was taped last Sunday. But in TV terms, the greatest wrestling match ever takes place this coming Sunday at Backlash. Apparently.

Although it seems Edge, one of the participants in the match, disagrees.

In an interview with ESPN, the recently un-retired superstar confessed that living up to that billing is impossible. He said:

“I’ll preface all of this with saying there’s no such thing as the greatest match ever,” Edge said. “You’re not going to be able to say definitively, what is the greatest song of all time? What is the greatest painting of all time? What is the greatest movie of all time? What is the greatest band of all time? It’s impossible, because there’s no general consensus — you can have great matches, but what is the greatest is going to be different to almost everybody.”

He’s right you know. And do you know who else knows it?


When you think about it, it’s an epic bit of marketing. We’ve been talking about it all month haven’t we? And how many people who scoff at the tag line will be watching just to ensure they’re proved right?

A lot. An awful lot.

Edge goes on to suggest that it is all a marketing tactic with no real expectations of hitting the ‘greatest ever’ moniker:

“Vince [McMahon] is a promoter, and he’s promoting, but it’s like hyperbole. I mean, to me [the greatest match is] not possible. So that takes that pressure out of my mind immediately.”

The match itself has been taped already and reports suggest it will be something. Will it be the greatest match ever? With AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan taking place on this Friday’s Smackdown, will it even be the greatest match this week?

WWE Backlash takes place on Sunday June 14th on and is available on the WWE Network. The full card is below.

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