Eddie Kingston Wanted To Face Samoa Joe In AEW, Holds Hope Of Match With Aleister Black

Eddie Kingston

With plenty of eyes on the recent sets of WWE releases, the likes of Samoa Joe and Aleister Black were coveted as top free agents – not least by competitors like Eddie Kingston.

Whilst Joe has now gone back to WWE as William Regal’s Enforcer on NXT, Kingston has spoken of the desire he had to face Joe in an AEW ring.

Speaking with Pro Wrestling Junkies, ‘The Mad King’ said he would have wanted the match, but now hopes Joe is being compensated well by WWE.

Of course, I wanted Joe to come. I’ve fought Joe before but Joe is my man. I know Joe and respect Joe. I’m so happy for him and I hope he’s getting that good cheddar and getting that bank. Of course, I wanted to fight Joe. When I first fought Joe, I came back from ankle surgery and was moving a little slow. All the other times I fought Joe, they were fun. I wanted to do it on TNT or TBS. On some type of national television. I respect Joe, that’s my man.

On the subject of Black, who still hasn’t confirmed a new home since being released due to his 90-day no compete clause, that’s someone Kingston still has an eye on.

One dude I do know, who I have known for years, is Aleister Black. We never got to fight each other. I would love to fight him, Out of respect, I would love to fight him.

Whilst not every WWE release will end up in AEW or indeed any of the major companies, Black will certainly be a highly coveted prize for whoever he does sign for – and Kingston will hope that it’s Tony Khan who makes the deal.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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