Drew McIntyre: Drake Maverick’s Future In WWE Is Bright

Drew McIntyre

Regular readers of our site will know that we are huge, huge fans of Drake Maverick, as evidenced by one of the first columns we wrote on the site.

We’ve seen it first hand. Few people have as much passion and drive for the business as the man formerly known as Rockstar Spud.

We have long said that regardless of whether his recent release from the promotion sticks, Maverick’s journey with WWE will not end when he decides to hang up his tights.

His mind and ability to integrate into the system, how to ‘play the game’, as it were, will see his shine star bright as one of WWE’s key players in future years. We are absolutely convinced of it.

Drake Maverick
Photo Credit: WWE

Well, it seems we are not alone. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre shares the same view and he articulated as such to Sportskeeda during a recent conference call that Hooked On Wrestling were a part of.

McIntyre said:

“It’s the real Drake Maverick. That’s the real Spud. He is very, very passionate about this industry, much like myself. He’s always wanted to do it. He’s gave his entire life to it. You know, again, in the situation that he was in, he just put his heart on his sleeve and just told the world, ‘I’m still going to keep doing this’. He would and he’d be successful wherever he went – but I think he’s so capable of multiple different roles, not just in the ring.”

The praise continued for his fellow Brit with Drew voicing his opinion that Maverick can be anything he wants to be.

He’s so talented when it comes to his mind. He could be writing the show, he could be helping with characters, he can be on the show, he can be a manager. He’s so multitalented and I do think, going off of this storyline, which he created himself, he will be around and he’s going to have a long future here, not just on camera but off-camera, too.”

It’s so exciting to see the wider appreciation for Drake Maverick that has gripped wrestling fans since his release was announced. We have long recognised him as a wrestling prodigy and it’s genuinely exciting to see the wider world see this side of him.

Drake Maverick vs El Hijo Del Fantasma

Drake Maverick fill face El Hijo del Fantasma for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship on NXT this Wednesday. We look forward to seeing what his immediate future entails.

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