Drew Gulak Signs New WWE Contract

Drew Gulak
Photo Credit: WWE

It was around 10 days ago that Drew Gulak had seemingly left WWE. While no announcement was forthcoming, Gulak’s profile was moved to the Alumni section on WWE.com which seemed to indicate his time with the company was done.

Reports soon leaked out that his contract had expired without the two parties being able to agree on an extension. It didn’t take long for the (frankly, lazy) speculation to begin that Gulak would show up at AEW Double Or Nothing.

In truth, this never seemed remotely likely. Gulak was in the midst of the biggest push of his WWE career as Daniel Bryan’s training partner. Pertinently, no rumours of his unhappiness had surfaced, unlike recent contract rebels such as The Revival or Rusev.

Instead, sensible observers expected Gulak to sign a new contract with WWE once details had been ironed out and this morning, it seems that is the case.

Per PWInsider, Gulak is once again listed as part of the active roster on the website and he will be a part of this Friday’s Smackdown.

So that’s that then. Seriously, this wouldn’t have been a story at all but for the WWE website bods moving his profile for a few days and rather strangely trying to cut him out of a package looking at his own storyline with Bryan. Self-inflicted, to say the least.

We look forward to the triumphant WWE return of Drew Gulak this week on Friday Night Smackdown.

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