Daniel Bryan Lists His Dream Matches With Stars From AEW, NXT, NJPW & ROH

Daniel Bryan
Credit: WWE

Ahead of his WWE Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns at Fastlane on Sunday, Daniel Bryan took part in an interview with Bleacher Report and listed a mouthwatering series of wrestlers he’d love to fight from promotions all over the world. It’s an eclectic list to say the least.

From Okada (NJPW) to MJF (AEW) via Kyle O’Reilly (NXT) and Johnathon Gresham (ROH) the list makes exciting reading for any fan of the grappling arts.

“Okada, from the time I got to WWE until now, he’s gone from someone you didn’t know much about to one of the best wrestlers in the world”

“I’ve actually wrestled Shingo, and he’s fantastic. I always loved him in Ring of Honor”

Along with New Japan Bryan also reeled off some young guns from AEW,

When you look at the AEWs or whatever it is, somebody like Jungle Boy or MJF or Darby Allin, those guys are really interesting to me.”

There are also some names closer to home that he would like to have a one-on-one match with –

“When you look at NXT, he’s not young, but I’ve always wanted to wrestle Kushida. That guy’s great. Kyle O’Reilly and I, I don’t know if we’ve ever wrestled. I’ve always wanted to do a singles match with him because he’s gotten so, so good. Finn Balor and I have wrestled on the independents once or twice, and I’d love to do a match with him in WWE. There are just so many guys.”

“William Regal’s son, Bailey Matthews, just debuted on NXT UK. I’d love to do a match with him”

Bryan doesn’t relent, listing of a further half dozen more names from WWE and even Ring of Honor

The problem is, guys are so good now and I like wrestling so much, so when you start naming names, then other names come up, in Ring of Honor, there’s a guy named Jonathan Gresham. He’s fantastic. I’d love to wrestle Jonathan Gresham.”

“I’ve never wrestled Matt Riddle one-on-one. I’ve never wrestled Ricochet one-on-one. I’ve wrestled Johnny Gargano one-on-one before I came to WWE, but it was mostly a comedy match where I got my pants pulled down and my butt was probably out for a full five minutes.”

A Daniel Bryan vs. Johnny Gargano backside bearing comedy encounter? To YouTube we go!

It seems that at 39 and winding down his full time career Bryan wants to be the seasoned veteran to young up-and-comers and frankly that sounds awesome.

The whole interview is up on Bleacher Report and is well worth a read.

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