Damian Priest “Didn’t Accomplish” All He Wanted In NXT; Hints At Return

Damian Priest

Damian Priest’s appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble marked what many see as a permanent move to the ‘main roster’.

However, the former North American Champion has hinted that he may look to make a return to NXT.

Speaking to SK Wrestling, Priest discussed how he doesn’t feel he accomplished everything he aimed to do before making the move.

There’s still a lot that I didn’t accomplish that I would have liked to and I would say this. I mean, hey Finn Balor did it, you know. He achieved success on Raw and SmackDown and then continued achieving success in NXT. It goes without saying that everybody’s expecting him to at some point one day to again be successful on Raw and SmackDown. So, you never know. But yeah, there is something.

I wouldn’t say disappointed as far as like before I left. But I am disappointed just in the sense that I didn’t win the championship. Not because I moved on or anything. Just in general like I wanted to be the champion, I wanted to be the guy. So, I still believe that there is a time for that. But yeah, there’s still a lot that I feel that was unaccomplished in NXT.

Whether it’s Balor as NXT Champion or someone else, it would certainly be possible for Priest to follow in the Irishman’s footsteps and switch back to black and gold.

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