Cody: Tony Khan ‘Didn’t Flinch’ In Pandemic, What AEW Can Do In Year Two

'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes
Credit: AEW

The new TNT Champion Cody has clearly been one of Tony Khan’s top supporters since the start of AEW, but he has pinpointed the start of the pandemic as one of the owner’s best moments.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Cody discussed how Khan “didn’t flinch” as the pandemic took hold.

The big thing is Tony Khan did not flinch when the pandemic took hold. He took a step back and thought about what this is, and how it would affect our world. The first thing he instituted was testing, quarantine measures. I was proud that we were the first to lead the charge in terms of wrestling and getting tests for everybody, quarantining all talent.

It’s a lot of work. It’s definitely a headache and operation overkill, but that’s the only way to run a safe production. Not only that, we partnered with the Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville for the potential positives we might see. Most of the time false positives.

The TNT Champion also talked about how he’d like to see the company progress following tonight’s first year anniversary episode.

He certainly sees it as a chance for AEW to position itself strong within the industry.

We have to move from novelty to commodity. One thing we’ve continued to do is recruit. People wonder why we’re recruiting when we only have this two-hour bullseye to hit. We know that this third hour is going to present itself soon. And I don’t mean a third hour of Dynamite. I mean a separate hour on a WarnerMedia network. We’ll be able to diversify and freshen up the content on a regular basis.

I think we have to push the envelope. I really believe in pushing the envelope. Wrestling is so many things. It doesn’t have a single identity. There is a dog collar match on the show in 2020. There is blood, cursing, unscripted promos. It’s not trash TV as much as it is artists going out there and painting that picture and playing their own music and building a fan base and letting AEW bring them in as part of the team. I really am excited for what we do in terms of the second year of Dynamite. We have so many different flavors of ice cream.

This is yet another confirmation that AEW are set to get more programming time from TNT, albeit not as a third hour of Dynamite.

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